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Gibbactu du 30/09/2019 à 10h31 par kenrio

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Le mec ( connaisseur semble t il ) trouve la simulation très bonne

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For the latter case, I spent about 20 minutes of my gameplay demo piloting a virtual Cessna 172 all the way from downtown Seattle to Mount Rainier. I began my route simply by looking ahead in the horizon and seeing a bonkers-accurate range of Cascades mountains all around, just like I might see on an average clear day in the Pacific Northwest. The result was an incredible flying experience dotted with the valleys, towns, industrial centers, and rivers that carve the world where I currently live. And when I tapped a shortcut key to fly once more over Seattle, I really could pick out significant natural and manmade landmarks by tapping a "look below" shortcut to get my bearings.
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kenrio • 30/09/19 à 10h31 ⇣

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