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  • Arrivée imminente de Megaquarium

Y'a Megaquarium qui sort demain, par l'équipe qui était derrière BigPharma. C'est un jeu de gestion de parc aquatique (enfin aquarium géant quoi).
Gestion du personnel, gestion de la vie des poissons, gestion de l'eau, y'a plein de trucs à gérer.
Chris Roberts est passé dans le coin
Petit tour des tests qui sortent:
Game Space - 7.9/10

Citation :

Megaquarium is everything you expect from a building sim the added bonus of camera movement that enhances your entire experience. Being able to pan your view around every tank and customer, tilt the screen to build in a way that you specifically enjoy whether it be side-angle or top-down adds to your experience. It is always a pleasure when developers add immersion possibilities like this to your simulated building game. The rhythm of Megaquarium has a pace that can get frantic but not chaotic that you can speed up as well as a soundtrack that’s catchy. I wasn’t sure if fish tanks were enough of a theme that would captivate me and for the most part, I was right. I wanted to add more to the decor, a food court, outdoor pools but I think anyone who loves the idea of directing traffic and providing the best care for animals will love this game!

PC Gamer - 86/100

Citation :

A charming watery theme park management game where fish are friends, not food. Until they eat each other or you forget to feed them.

ISK Mogul - 6.8/10

Citation :

The game performs well and manages to make even the boring tasks like feeding and tank management feel fun. This is because every aspect of this game plays into a puzzle-solving feel. You have to bring in Money, Prestige, and Ecology Points in order to keep your tanks full of new and exciting fish, and it's a lot of fun, at least for fans of the genre.

Un peu de vidéo de Gameplay:

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