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Gibbactu du 12/01/2018 à 12h52 par mukumi

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Pour parler un peu d'autres choses, quelques infos intéressantes.

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Within, Wing Missions add team-based challenges wherein players can share rewards with allies around the world. Trading Data will bolster the existing trading system, and trading information about the galactic economy will be more readily available. Moreover, "reworked planet rendering" tech will make everything look prettier.  


  • Même si certains trouvent le contenu du jeu énorme, Bungie continue de travailler pour rendre Destiny 2 intéressant vu que tout le monde n'aime pas faire la même chose en boucle:
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Destiny 2 is a game that doesn't have enough excuses, or reasons, to play for those hobbyist players.

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Les 9 premières minutes du jeu:


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Apocalypse will bring "new levels of warfare and destruction", according to Paradox, and will introduce additional offensive and defensive military options, civic paths, and challenges, as well as the ability to entirely obliterate enemy planets using the new Colossus weapon.

Reveal teaser:

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