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Les gibbactus du 27/05/2020

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  • Ubisoft va ressortir 4 anciens anno (1602, 1503, 1701 et 1404) dans une collection histoire en version améliorée avec support de la 4K et en version 64bits. 10€ chaque jeu


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   All games being ported to 64-bit to improve performance and stability (say goodbye to Anno 1404 running out of memory)
    Support for new resolutions all the way up to 4k, making your empires look better than ever before
    Improved multiplayer, with all games now running through Uplay, with comfort features such as quickmatch and desync recovery (as seen in Anno 1800). And yes… ANNO 1503 MULTIPLAYER IS OFFICIALLY HERE!
    Full save game compatibility, so we hope you have held on to those beloved saves from years past
    Of course, all games include their expansions, as well as any other official content that may have been released over the years [...] ollection/

  • Metro exodus a eu droit à un patch ôtant Denuvo dans les version steam et EGS. Pour fêter tout ça, Metro exodus est en vente sur GOG en version sans DRM à 29,2€

  • Son pote Prey est arrivé aussi à 12€

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