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  • Les DLC de précommandes Tekken 7 seront disponibles pour tous, demain
Tekken 7, qu'on ne présente plus et qui se dirige tranquillement vers le titre de GOTY 2017 incontesté, voit son casting élargi, comme promis par l’éditeur ! Un éditeur qui tient ses promesses, c'est pas commun de nos jours. Les amateurs apprécieront le respect.   [:le guide:5]  

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Originally, those who pre-ordered Tekken 7 were given access to Eliza, the female vampire. Bandai Namco noted that she would eventually become available to the public for solo purchase, and fans can look forward to that as soon as this week.
On Friday, users on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC can pick up Eliza for 500 yen (roughly $5 USD). The announcement was made during the recent MASTERCUP Tekken Fight club streamed over on Nico Nico.
It is likely that Eliza will see a simultaneous public release here in North America, however, we are still waiting on confirmation.
The Taiko no Tatsujin items DLC will also become available on July 28th. These come in the form of 10 free customization items featuring Taiko characters with hit and sound effects to equip on your characters, Avoiding The Puddle reports.
Back at EVO this year, Bandai Namco announced the game's next DLC fighter. Geese Howard from Fatal Fury joins the battle and will be released sometime this Winter.
Ce sera donc 5€, demain.

Daweed • 27/07/17 à 15h37 ⇣

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  • Images d'outcast second contact

  • 50 minutes de gameplay de wolfenstein 2 reboot

ravenloft • 27/07/17 à 14h53 ⇣

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  • J'en parlais dans une Gibbactu precedente du Monster Hunter World, mais j'ai fait mon travail qu'a moitie puisque je ne l'ai pas linke. Et bien, faute avouee a moitie pardonnee, et faute corrigee desormais: Voici le trailer Japonais de Monster Hunter World

Ze_Fly • 27/07/17 à 14h32 ⇣

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  • On parle de Monster Hunter World depuis tout a l'heure, mais tout le monde ne semble pas connaitre. Ca tombe bien, il y a un gameplay trailer de 23 minutes disponible!
  • Mais du coup, pourquoi faut il se hyper pour Monster Hunter World? Un debut de reponse sur The Verge:
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Why Monster Hunter World is one of the biggest announcements at E3

Deja, le titre pose clairement l'importance du titre. Mais du coup, c'est quoi Monster Hunter?

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What is Monster Hunter?


Monster Hunter is an action-RPG series developed by Capcom. It started on the PS2, but really took off in Japan when Capcom developed the Monster Hunter Freedom games for PSP. The heart and soul of Monster Hunter is co-operative multiplayer in which players, yes, hunt monsters together, and the four-player local wireless play made the PSP games a legitimate phenomenon in Japan. Overall the Monster Hunter series has sold over 40 million units, mostly in its home country.

Ok, c'est plus clair. Mais du coup, c'est quoi la nouveaute de Monster Hunter World?

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Judging by the trailer and brief press release, Monster Hunter World is the biggest overhaul yet for the series. It’s by far the most advanced on a technical level, and marks the first time that Capcom has developed a brand new Monster Hunter game for a system anywhere near this powerful — the original and 2 were on PS2 first, 3 came out on Wii, while 4 and Generations were developed for the 3DS. (I’m not counting the spin-off Monster Hunter Frontier MMOs.)


This doesn’t just mean that World is the prettiest Monster Hunter yet, although it undoubtedly is — it means that Capcom has been able to change major elements of how the game plays. World maps are no longer segmented, meaning you won’t come across any loading times when transitioning from one area to the next; Capcom says the environments feature a “living and breathing ecosystem” that can be used to your advantage.

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But the biggest difference, at least in the trailer, comes down to style of play. The trailer sees a solo player making his way through a level and using stealthy techniques to locate a monster, climb on it, and take it down, which is about as far from the typical Monster Hunter approach as you can get. The game does feature multiplayer, but it’s using a new drop-in system where you head into the world yourself and can send out flares to signal to other players that you’d like them to join in. That’s a big change from previous games, where you had to form groups before deciding which quest to head out on, and it could help make Monster Hunter World a lot more accessible to a Western audience.

Ok. Mais pour ceux qui aiment la recette de base? C'est pas trop different?

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Maybe the Japanese trailer for the game will reassure you — it’s more action-packed and shows a lot of combat that’s very much in keeping with prior entries in the series. But there’s no doubt that World is going to be a big change, and you might be better off holding out for XX eventually coming to the Switch in English if you want more traditional hunting action, not to mention local co-op play.


Many fans assumed that XX for Switch would be the precursor to an eventual Monster Hunter 5 for Nintendo’s new console, too, since the system’s hybrid play-anywhere design seems to be a perfect match for the series. World complicates the matter, however: it’s not clear whether or where this new direction will take off. It’s entirely possible that Capcom could consider it a spin-off and later proceed with a more conservative sequel on the Switch — or even the 3DS.

Voila, vous savez tout sur Monster Hunter World!

Ze_Fly • 27/07/17 à 14h26 ⇣

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  • Quelques screenshots datant de l'annonce egalement:

Ze_Fly • 27/07/17 à 13h56 ⇣

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  • Dernière fournée d'armes pour Monster Hunter World avec l'épée longue, la switch axe (de Nintendo) et le combo bouclier/épée

Long Sword:

Switch Axe

Bouclier & Epée

mukumi • 27/07/17 à 13h36 ⇣

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  • Présentation du Insect Glaive mais également du Light Bow Gun et de la Lance de Monster Hunter World via un trailer !  

Insect Glaive:


Light Bowgun:

mukumi • 27/07/17 à 13h24 ⇣

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  • Présentation du Hunting Horn de Monster Hunter World via un trailer !
Voici ce que cette arme proposera:

mukumi • 27/07/17 à 13h16 ⇣

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